Luis & Maria De Sousa welcome you to Madeira Restaurant. Madeira Restaurant is a friendly and relaxed environment specializing in Portuguese Cuisine. Madeira is a Portuguese island in the Atlantic Ocean which our style of cooking is derived from. Luis and Maria are well travelled and are now settled in Brighton. Luis brings to the locals his signature Espetada dishes.


The History of Madeira

In 1419, under the orders of the Glorious Henry "The Navigator", it was discovered by João Gonçalves Zarco and Tristão Vaz Teixeira. The kingdom had a constant lack of cereals, so they wanted to provide it with it and also be supportive to the maritime expansion of Portugal.

Thus, since the 15th century, Madeira has played an important role on the great Portuguese Discoveries. It became also famous for the rich trade routes between Funchal and the entire Atlantic World. It was also in Madeira and Porto Santo that the merchant Cristovão Colombo (Christopher Columbus) increased his knowledge of the art of navigation and planned his famous voyage to America.

Portugal's entry into the EEC was a major benefit for Madeira's economy. In recent years, the tourism industry expanded, becoming the islands' prime source of revenue. Nowadays, with both the airport and port expansion and road/tunnel construction connecting all regions, industrial tourism developed. Madeira is known all over the world by the diversity of its splendours beauty, splendid climate and above all, by the excellent quality of tourist services and population kindness.

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